scott urban

From an early age my parents taught me creation is a functional daily necessity. My father’s work ethic set the standard as he took on multiple jobs to eke out a life in Chicago while my mother cooked three meals a day from scratch and sewed our clothes instead of buying them (ah, those red pants).

I came of age in the nineties, the era of plastic throw-aways. So it’s no wonder that when I felt the weight in my hands of an object from some bygone era I saw the pride the creator put into making it as unique and special.

My first pair of wood spectacles was a project of necessity. In 2004, while pretending to break dance, my father’s 1960’s frames flew off my face and broke beyond repair. Furious and determined, I took a hacksaw and my mother’s old dremel tool to a solid piece of wood and the frames that came out of that unfortunate accident have lead to my life’s work.

Ten years later my journey to create the most beautiful, unique, well-made and custom spectacles available is well under way. When on your face or in your hand, you will recognize the pride of a self taught craftsman. My eyewear comes from a time forgotten, when quality and design met at an apex – in a word, timeless.